Daniel Ricciardo said Oscar Piastri will replace him at McLaren


Daniel Ricciardo said Oscar Piastri will replace him at McLaren

With so many young drivers flocking Formula One arena, regardless of whether Ricciardo’s ousting from McLaren could be vindicated, the 33-year-old Australian said later this week that F2 champion Oscar Piastri would replace him next season.

In the matter of the fact, latest move from McLaren came against the backdrop of a long-running media gossip that McLaren was looking to a replacement of Ricciardo, as he has been persistently underperforming with Norris picking up all the points this season.

Ricciardo stood at twelfth with 19 points with his teammate 22-year-old Norris racking up 76 points so far with one podium finish, handing out a pluperfect excuse to McLaren to replace him with Piastri.

Ricciardo said Piastri will replace him

Meanwhile, a press agency report has unveiled later this week McLaren had already told Ricciardo that the F1 team vying to vent out a driver’s combination, had already decided to replace the Australian with Formula Two champion, Piastri.

Nonetheless, on last Tuesday, Alpine was quoted saying in a statement that Piastri will join Alpine F1 team by 2023, however, shorty after release of the statement, the 21-year-old had rejected the claim adding that he intended to join McLaren next year.

On top of that, the press agency report released later this week also had quoted multiple sources as saying on condition of anonymity given the scale of sensitivity of the issue that McLaren and Piastri had already signed off a deal for next year.

However, still Piastri’s place at McLaren F1 team is not confirmed as Alpine’s appeal to FIA contract recognition board might stop him to drive there, since the Alpine academy driver is a reserve driver for Alpine F1 team at this moment and Alpine persistently are claiming that they had Piastri under their contract until end-2023.

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