Vettel opens up on retirement, “Hole, I don’t know how deep it is”

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Vettel opens up on retirement, “Hole, I don’t know how deep it is”
Vettel opens up on retirement, “Hole, I don’t know how deep it is”

Sebastian Vettel, the 35-year-old four-times world champion who is going to retire by year-end, had opened up his thoughts about his eventful career and retirement plans in an interview with a press agency over the weekend.

Speaking in an interview with a press agency, Vettel had disclosed what he is thinking about life after retirement. However, while asking about his best memories in the F1, Vettel said, “I don't know how others answer this kind of question”.

Sebastian Vettel opens up about his requirement plan

Aside from that, shortly after announcing his retirement, Vettel was quoted saying that he wanted to spend more times with family alongside other charitable activities.

However, while being asked about his best victories in F1, Vettel said, “I can agree on Monza [in 2008, his first F1 win], it was an incredible race, incredible emotions. The best race is still to come, which obviously you could say is bullshit if you are not racing anymore, but I think I’m referring to it in a better picture, as in life”.

Nonetheless, the German racer acknowledged that he is a bit scared about what could come after his pre-mature retirement adding, “It might be a hole and I don’t know how deep it is and whether I’ll get out of it." He says he has a lot of support from people who have continued to support him all this time and stand by him to give him direction and guidance.

"Hopefully I’ll make the right decisions in the future to progress and become a better version of myself in 10 years’ time”. In a 15-year-long eventful Formula One career, the German driver had won 53 races.

Vettel took four successive driver’s championship title home between 2010 and 2013 with Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel

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