How Leclerc, Hamilton and Norris are taking their time off as summer break sets in

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How Leclerc, Hamilton and Norris are taking their time off as summer break sets in

Followed by an excruciatingly brain-draining 13 races in F1 this season, many drivers are taking their times off on different destinations across the globe, as it is reported that Hamilton, Leclerc and Norris have engaged in several tours that ranged from the Mediterranean to African deserts.

Nevertheless, as Summer break sets in with Belgian GP is still two and a half weeks away, it is usual for Formula One drivers to recharge their batteries.

How Hamilton, Norris and Leclerc are passing their Summer breaks

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-times world champion and the winner of the highest number of podium-finishes alongside victories in Formula One arena, has reported had an eccentric holiday.

As the 37-year-old chose Hungary to recoup his energy, Hamilton shared in an Instagram post, “Kicked off the summer break with a much-needed day out on the water.

Fabio Quartararo, always a pleasure. Some amazing weeks ahead for sure”. Nonetheless, the F1 legend who won 103 F1 races and a similar number of podium-finishes in F1, will not pass his entire holiday in the Europe, as he is reportedly setting his eyes on Namibia.

Leclerc, the 24-year-old Monacan who is still a potential title contender this season, has had a taste for fashion, as he uploaded a video in YouTube that showed a wide array of aspects of his lifestyle. Besides, Leclerc passed his summer break riding boats on the Mediterranean.

However, he also makes sure his fans are not missing how he is spending his time with his girlfriend, Charlotte Sine. Norris has been passing his holidays in Cumbria filming and photographing at a burning temperature over 40 degrees with his girlfriend, Luisinha Barossa Oliviera, a Portuguese model and a fashion designer having had net assets worth of a roughly $2.5 million.