Nicholas Latifi on Sebastian Vettel: "He’s definitely one of the.."


Nicholas Latifi on Sebastian Vettel: "He’s definitely one of the.."

Sebastian Vettel is leaving F1 at the end of this season. There is a lot of success behind the German, and what everyone praises him for is his attitude and courage to speak openly about problems and confront them. This is exactly what Nicholas Latifi talked about.

“Sebastian is definitely one of the more vocal ones – that’s not the right word, but he’s definitely one of the drivers who always speaks his mind and gives it to the stewards when he has one,” said the Canadian, who races for Williams, quoted by" Latifi also recalled a specific problem that caused Vettel to raise his voice.

“Especially when it comes to the safety of drivers, and not only the drivers on the [F1] grid but also in the junior classes. Just take the example of the ‘sausage kerbs’. Our cars get over them much better than the cars in the junior categories and we’ve seen some drivers get hurt pretty badly in the last few years.

He’s always the first to speak up and push race officials to get rid of them."

Sebastian Vettel and his courage

Vettel is a great person and a fighter for all those within F1. His courage and determination are exactly the reason why he had a successful career.

He never had a problem saying what he thought and deservedly achieved all the successes. “And that’s the same with other issues, which shows the fact he’s willing to take on the role of GPDA director for such a long time and he obviously cares about the future of the sport and the welfare of the drivers.

“It also shows what a good guy he is because logically it’s extra work on top of his already busy life as a Formula 1 driver”. Lewis Hamilton also praised Sebastian Vettel. "I really hope he inspires the next generation.

Whether it's this one or the younger generation that will be coming through, to be more confident in utilising their platform, realising it's not just about them and their car. It's a shame that such a person is leaving the world of Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel