Schumacher deserves better than Haas, says says Hans-Joachim Stuck

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Schumacher deserves better than Haas, says says Hans-Joachim Stuck

Former F1 racer Hans-Joachim Stuck said over the weekend in an interview with a press agency that Mick Schumacher deserves a better team than Haas. In the latest flashpoint of a beleaguered Haas F1 team, the Formula One team had to make a last-minute change in the team’s driving line-up after having been forced to leave the sponsorship of Mazepins.

If truth is to be spoken, leaving the Mazepins had created a rancorous ripple for the entire Haas F1 team, as the team had currently been vying to vent out a way to cover up this year’s expenses. Despite having had a feeble engineering team, the 23-year-old German who had had a promising young career, has displayed some strong showing and had caught attention of analysts several occasions, but the Haas F1 rookie has still been finding himself at the bottom of the table.

Mick Schumacher, who had begun his voyage in motorsports at the age of 9, currently stood at fifteenth at driver’s championship title race with 15 points.

Schumacher deserves a better team than Haas, says Stuck

Meanwhile, as Schumacher has still positioned himself above Stroll, Albon, Zhou and Tsunoda despite shortcomings in Haas’ budget and engineering team, 71-year-old former German racer Stuck said in an interview with Eurosport that the 23-year-old German deserved a better team than Haas.

Stuck added, “He has proven his skills this season. He belongs in a car that’s better than the Haas. If it doesn’t work out with another team for any reason, he just has to do it with Haas for another year.

But if Mick can’t find another cockpit, I wouldn’t understand Haas putting on a circus there. Because they won’t get any better [driver]… I would be very surprised if Schumacher didn’t find a job anywhere. He shows impeccable performances, the people in charge can see that”.