Sainz opens up on “Rollercoaster” '22, expresses optimism over title fights in future


Sainz opens up on “Rollercoaster” '22, expresses optimism over title fights in future

Carlos Sainz, the 27-year-old Spanish Ferrari F1 racer, has been witnessing a “Rollercoaster” ride this season when it comes to form, the Spaniard said in an interview with the Formula One. In the matter of fact, Sainz stands at fifth position in driver’s championship title race with 1 win and 6 podium finishes.

Nonetheless, coming into the second half of Formula One, Sainz still has chances to end at a better place, as he is only 22 points behind teammate Charles Leclerc who has had 178 points so far and stood currently at second in title race.

The Spanish Ferrari racer won his first-ever Formula One victory this season in UK GP. Nevertheless, a Ferrari engineer’s team which might witness a mid-season overhaul amid growing scepticism on the team’s performance.

Despite drawbacks in the team’s performance, Sainz manged to secure six podium finishes out of nine races what he had managed to finish. -

Sainz opens up on his fluctuating form this year

Besides, with an average finishing position of 2.89, better than Leclerc who has had 3.20, Sainz could have scored more points, had there been more veracity in Ferrari engineer’s team.

Speaking in an interview with Formula One, Sainz said on Friday, “It’s been a rollercoaster season, especially the beginning… when we chat in blazing sunshine outside the Ferrari motorhome in Hungary…It’s been tough with this car.

Two consecutive DNFs at the beginning dropped me out of the championship fight very early. Then I had a high peak with [fighting for the win in] Canada and [winning at] Silverstone, then a low, then a high. But I’d much rather have the rollercoaster being as competitive as I am now than at the beginning”.

Carlos Sainz