Ricciardo believes he still belongs to Formula One


Ricciardo believes he still belongs to Formula One
Ricciardo believes he still belongs to Formula One

Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian former Formula One racer whose future in McLaren F1 team seems uncertain at this standpoint as McLaren Formula One team are reportedly vying to lure Oscar Piastri in, said in an interview with a press agency over the weekend that he still deserves to be in Formula One.

On top of that, the 33-year-old Australian who has been struggling for forms this season, has racked up only 19 points, while his teammate Norris scored 76 points coming into the halfway of the season and stood at seventh in driver’s championship title race.

Besides, although Ricciardo stood at twelfth in driver’s championship title race, he found himself positioned among a number of rookies including Mick Schumacher, Tsunoda, Zhou and Latifi alongside others.

Ricciardo says he deserves to be in Formula One

As McLaren F1 team look to hire reigning Formula two Champion Oscar Piastri who recently turned down an offer from Alpine F1 team after Alonso had decided to join Aston Martin next year, rumours were scaling higher that the racer might retire by end-2022.

However, according to Piastri’s contractual agreement as a reserve driver for Alpine, he still has one year left in his contract, which in effect has been keeping Ricciardo in a catch-22. If Piastri lands in McLaren, Ricciardo might find a spot in a low-budget Alpine F1 team.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with Speedcafe, brushing aside whispers that the 33-year-old might retire by end-2022, Ricciardo said, “I believe I still thrive off it because I still believe I belong and can do it.

That's what really gets me jacked. And the love of it, as well as knowing any weekend it could be there, it could be around the corner. The competition is such like a small 0.001 per cent of a group. So to be able to not only be part of that group but to compete inside that group, that's such a unique thing in itself.

And so I love that. The truth is, the highs you get are just so high because so much goes into it. Of course, you take risks. Like to win a race for example, you haven't gone for a Sunday drive, you've put it all on the line, the team have, you've pushed your body mentally and physically. So then the high and the reward is pretty amazing and pretty spectacular”.

Daniel Ricciardo