Domenicali says he is not selling the soul of Formula One


Domenicali says he is not selling the soul of Formula One
Domenicali says he is not selling the soul of Formula One

F1 Chief Domenicali has said that he was not erasing the legacy tracks like of Spa because of an increase in influx of fresh liquidities, instead he was trying to yield a furtherance of the sports in an affirmative viewpoint, said Domenicali.

Speaking in an interview with a press agency, F1 Chief Domenicali was quoted as saying that the FIA’s latest stratagem to an aggressive expansion across circuits like of Saudi Arabia, Miami alongside Las Vegas, which could cost classic venues likes of Spa, is not related to money.

According to current F1 agreement, FI teams are obliged to attend 24 races a year, while Domenicali was looking to add as many as 30 races a season from next year, while there would be addition of a number of new venues including a South African GP, a Saturday night Las Vegas GP alongside Qatar.

Domenicali says I am not selling the souls of Formula One

Apart from that, a number of F1 racers including reigning champion Verstappen along with Norris and Vettel among others had already voiced concern over an extinction of the sport’s heritage.

Amid such circumstances, fending off his stance, Domenicali said in an interview with a German newspaper Bild am Sontag, “I am not selling the soul of Formula 1.

Money is important everywhere. For us too. But we don't just look at it, the whole package has to be right. If we only looked at the bank account, the racing calendar would definitely look different. In tandem, while being asked whether there is a chance of a return of legacy tracks like of German GP, Domenicali said, “If I don't make a call, I see and hear little. I would like us to return."