Antonio Giovinazzi will receive two Friday practice run for Haas

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Antonio Giovinazzi will receive two Friday practice run for Haas
Antonio Giovinazzi will receive two Friday practice run for Haas

Antonio Giovinazzi, the 28-year-old reserve driver of Ferrari F1 team, would pitch in two practice sessions for Haas this year, Haas said in a statement earlier on Tuesday. Besides, latest move from Haas F1 team holds an utter significance as whispers are gradually turning to rumbles that Mick Schumacher’s position in Haas F1 team could be jeopardized.

On top of that, Schumacher has been at the final year of his contract and there has been gossips around the F1 grid that Haas F1 team are not interested to enhance contract with the German rookie, who had botched to prove his worth multiple times this season and broken off Haas F1 cars twice.

Besides, after breaking his F1 car into two pieces that costed Haas a whopping $1 million in Monaco GP, the 23-year-old German was warned that he could not just keep breaking cars like child’s playthings.

Giovinazzi to participate in two Haas practice sessions this season

According to Haas F1 team, Giovinazzi will replace Schumacher in the opening session of US Grands Prix, while the 28-year-old Italian will swap position with Magnussen in Italian GP.

Several F1 analysts said over recent past, Giovinazzi who had raced for Alfa Romeo in Formula One three seasons, appear to be the most likely candidate to replace Schumacher. Besides, as the Haas Team boss Steiner was quoted saying in a statement that Giovinazzi would help them understand how their F1 cars are performing at the moment, it is quite palpable that the American team have been depending on Ferrari in terms of choosing their racers.


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