McLaren shoulder some blames on Ricciardo F1 struggle


McLaren shoulder some blames on Ricciardo F1 struggle

Amid growing criticisms on whether Ricciardo had deserved such a calamitous end to his McLaren career, the 33-year-old Australian and McLaren had confirmed on Wednesday that they had agreed to part ways, while McLaren took a share of blames on Ricciardo's poor performance in the team.

In the matter of the fact, latest move from McLaren came forth as Ricciardo’s performance has remained sub-standard since his arrival into the F1 team back in 2021, however, a low-budget McLaren constructor team also had played their part behind the Aussie’s underwhelming performance.

Aside from that, McLaren Chief also was quoted saying in a statement that McLaren F1 Team should take some responsibility behind Ricciardo’s failure, presumably in a bid to ensure that Ricciardo will be able to find a team by year-end.

On top of that, Ricciardo also quoted saying on Thursday that he just wants to race in Formula One amid rising queries on whether the 33-year-old would retire by end-2022.

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren confirm split

Although, Ricciardo’s departure has paved the way for McLaren Formula One team to snatch the reigning F2 champion Oscar Piastri, McLaren boss Seidl had declined to comment while asking for a plausible replacement of Ricciardo.

Nonetheless, sharing some blames of Ricciardo’s poor performance over past couple of years in a low-budget McLaren F1 team, Seidl said, “I think we have both commented many times about challenges we had on Daniel's side of the garage regarding extracting the same performance the car as on Lando's side.

Daniel has said many times that he just never felt fully comfortable in our car, especially when it was about pushing the car to the absolute limit. That was, in the end, causing the lap time difference to Lando. At the same time, we have technology that tells us Lando is an outstanding driver, so he [Ricciardo] was up against one of the best ones in the paddock.

This in the end led us to the decision. He just didn't get it to work in the end. For a driver being able to extract the performance from the car is a team effort between the driver and the team, so I just want to be clear as well that I fully take the responsibility of being in charge of the team that couldn't find the magic in order to find these percentages that we were seeing from time to time. That's why at the end we came to the conclusion that we go our separate ways next year”.