Ricciardo wants to stay in F1 after McLaren split

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Ricciardo wants to stay in F1 after McLaren split

In the wake of a withering downturn in Ricciardo’s career what has witnessed his departure from a substandard McLaren F1 constructor Team following a couple of years of poor performance, rumours are flying higher that the 33-year-old Aussie might choose a different series next year, however, Ricciardo said in an interview on Thursday that his only wish is to race in Formula One, brushing aside concerns that the Aussie might leave Formula One arena.

Nonetheless, latest decision from McLaren came forth amid an increase in younger drivers in Formula One, as Vettel recently had made announcement of his pre-mature retirement, while many F1 analysts began to raise questions on other older F1 cookies.

Nevertheless, latest remark from Ricciardo came forth just a day after McLaren F1 Team and the Australian had confirmed that they would part ways by end-2022, slashing his $15-million a year contract.

Ricciardo says his only desire is to race for Formula One

In order to stay in Formula One, Ricciardo could choose between Alpine, Williams and Haas, however, the 33-year-old did not cancel out the likelihood of a retirement by 2024.

Although, Ricciardo could have raced in IndyCar or NASCAR, the 33-year-old said in the interview, “I still love the sport. Through all of this, call it adversity, I haven't lost that confidence in myself. For sure, we've had some tough weekends and you can't help but show emotion sometimes.

I still love it and I still want to do it competitively; I want to do it in the right place. I never said I just want to be a driver to make up the numbers, if I'm here I want to be here for a purpose. I don't know what that means yet for the future. But of course, if it's the right opportunity, this is where I want to be”.