Formula One unlikely to have a female driver in next five year, says Domenicali

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Formula One unlikely to have a female driver in next five year, says Domenicali

Amid growing scepticism on whether Formula One should pick a female driver, F1 Chief Steven Domenicali said in an interview on Thursday that it is very unlikely for F1 to have a female driver over next five years. Since 1986 when Italy’s Lella Lombardi had competed on Austrian GP, a female had never started a Formula One race.

However, an entirely new FIA had handed out a handful of events for all-female W series, which is dedicate for cementing a path for women racers into Formula One.

Domenicali said FI has no chance to have a female driver in next five years

Aside from that, Domenicali said that the Formula One has been vying to vent out a way to develop an F1 standard female driver.

Speaking in an interview with a press agency, Domenicali said “It's a point that we're really working on because we believe it's really crucial in this moment to try to give the maximum possibility to women to come to Formula One, and this something we're totally dedicated too.

We're trying to understand how we can prepare the right pyramid also for the girls to come into the pyramid at the right age with the right car. This is the key point. We are very happy with the collaboration with [W Series] but we believe that in order to be able to give the chance to girls to be at the same level of competition with the guys they need to be more or less at the same age where they can fight on the track at the level of Formula 3 and Formula 2.

So we are working on that in order to see what we can do in order to improve the system, and you will soon see some action. What I can say on the other hand realistically speaking, I don't see - unless there will be something that will be like some sort of meteorite coming into the Earth - a girl coming into Formula 1 in the next five years.

That is very unlikely, I need to be realistic. But we want to build up the right pyramid with the right approach, step-by-step, in order for them to start to race against the guys at the right age, with the right car. That's really what we are working on”.