Hamilton accepts blame, but won’t talk to rival Alonso after being called as an idiot

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Hamilton accepts blame, but won’t talk to rival Alonso after being called as an idiot

The Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton said following an eventful Belgian GP that had sent his car soaring over the sands after making contact with Alonso who appears to have nosed the Mercedes intentionally, Hamilton said he would not talk to his old rival as Alonso called him an “idiot” after the incident.

In the matter of the fact, the old rivals collided on the opening lap of an utterly uncompetitive Belgian GP, as Red Bull’s pace has again helped Verstappen snatch his ninth victory this season. Nonetheless, Alonso and Hamilton were fighting for a third place in a congested opening lap, however, Alonso made contact with Hamilton which in effect had nudged the Mercedes into the air.

The scene was pretty awkward and Hamilton had to retire shortly after the incident due to damages to his car. Although, Hamilton took the blames of the collision, yet his voice sounded more like conventional act rather than an apology.

Hamilton takes the blames of collision, but won’t speak to Alonso

Nonetheless, Hamilton had declined to speak to Alonso as the 41-year-old two-times world champion had said immediately after the incident, “What an idiot!

Closing the door from the outside. We had a great start, but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first”. Meanwhile, adding that this was good to know what Alonso has been engraving for him on the heart, Hamilton said shortly after the incident, “I don't really have a response to it.

I know that how things feel in the heat of the moment, but it's nice to know how he feels about me. It's better that it's out in the open how he feels. And like I said, it wasn't intentional. And I take responsibility for it -- that's what adults do. So it is what it is”.