Verstappen wins Belgian GP as Red Bull engineering team impress again

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Verstappen wins Belgian GP as Red Bull engineering team impress again

The reigning world champion Max Verstappen put up a scintillating performance in a shiny evening track at Spa Francorchamps, as the 24-year-old flying Dutchman had snatched up his second Belgian GP victory in a row. If truth is to be spoken, following Sunday’s victory, Verstappen’s double F1 championship title seems inevitable, as the 24-year-old juggernaut’s Red Bull engine appears to be generating a worrisome scale of speed with Mercedes’ Russel alongside Ferrari’s Sainz didn’t event try to get on wheel-on-wheel with Verstappen on a number of occasion at the early stages of a 44-lap event in Belgian Grand Prix.

As the Dutch slayer of the track had brought down ice and fire together at a speedy Belgian GP grid, Verstappen surged from 14th to victory. Besides, he seems to have perfectioned each and every angle with unbelievable speed.

A day earlier, citing concerns over the speed Red Bull engineers are generating, Ferrari’s Leclerc was quoted saying that the Red Bull F1 Team might have found something special to hack the playbook according to which other F1 teams are constructing their cars.

Verstappen snatches back-to-back Belgian GP victory

Aside from that, the race had had an eventful opening as Alonso made contact with Mercedes’ Hamilton and pushed him out of the track and the Belgian GP, too. Besides, despite vigorous attempts to win a podium finish George Russel, failed to make a substantial scale of impact in a Belgian GP track which is conventionally full of high-speedy slopes, angles and corners.

Meanwhile, as Verstappen emerged as victorious from 14th, the Dutchman said shortly after the victory, “It’s been a weekend I couldn’t have imagined before. But I think we want more of them and we’ll keep working hard”.

Verstappen currently has a lead of 98 points over Leclerc who has been at 186 points, just five points behind teammate Perez.