Audi to enter Formula One in 2026

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Audi to enter Formula One in 2026

Volkswagen AG’s sports and luxury car brand Audi had issued a statement later this week saying that the car manufacturer would make its entry into Formula One from 2026 as a constructor of power units. In the matter of the fact, latest news on Audi’s entrance into the Formula One came against the backdrop of a decision from FIA to introduce new engine rules from 2026, which in effect would hand out the German car manufacturer an option to bring more competitiveness in the sports.

Audi will enter into F1 in 2026 as power unit constructor

According to an Audi statement released later last week, Audi’s Formula One project will be headquartered in Neuburg, Germany, which is situated close to the company’s headquartered in Ingolstadt.

Besides, Audi has reportedly set off test branches for Formula One engines at its headquarter. Meanwhile, expressing an out and out optimism over the German automaker’s latest move to cash in on Formula One, the Chair of Audi Board of Management, Markus Duesmann said following the release of the media topline, “Motorsport is an integral part of Audi's DNA.

The combination of high performance and competition is always a driver of innovation and technology transfer in our industry. With the new rules, now is the right time for us to get involved. After all, Formula One and Audi both pursue clear sustainability goals”.

Besides, latest remarks from Duesmann comes over the heels of a growing media speculation that Audi has been nearing a deal to purchase the existing Sauber F1 team that races under the name of its title sponsor Alpha Romeo.