Leclerc feels down as Red Bull was on another planet at Spa

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Leclerc feels down as Red Bull was on another planet at Spa
Leclerc feels down as Red Bull was on another planet at Spa

Charles Leclerc, the 24-year-old Monacan who had been a potential title contender at the beginning of the season, but has been lost in the meadows of Verstappen’s hegemony alongside a complete chaos in Ferrari F1 Team management, said following Belgian GP that the Red Bull F1 Team appeared to be on another planet at Spa.

As Verstappen quickly took the lead from fourteenth position after a collision between Hamilton and Alonso had marred the track and opened up a window of opportunity for the Dutchman, Ferrari had failed to improve its chances to get closer to Red Bull in driver’s championship title race.

Besides, it was reported later that a portion of Verstappen’s helmet was stuck into the brake of Leclerc’s car, while the unfortunate even had led to another ill-fated defeat for the Monacan.

Leclerc says Red Bull on another planet in Belgian GP

Verstappen’s lead over Leclerc rose to 98 following Belgian GP, while analysts were quoted saying that the speed Red Bull engineers were generating, could be impossible to grapple with over coming events.

Meanwhile, as a title dream turns to a voyage of misery and misfortune for Leclerc, the Monacan said in an interview following Belgian GP, “I’m not feeling good obviously. Other than all of this, there’s also the pace.

The thing that is strange is the feeling is quite OK inside the car, but then you look at the pace compared to Red Bull and they are on another planet completely, so we need to understand. Hopefully by Zandvoort we understand and we come back to as close to Red Bull as we were in the first part of the season”.

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