Ricciardo tells Oscar Piastri that there’s no hard feelings about McLaren deal

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Ricciardo tells Oscar Piastri that there’s no hard feelings about McLaren deal

Daniel Ricciardo, the 33-year-old Aussie who is going to depart McLaren by end-2022 following a couple of years of peevishly poor form, said to his fellow Australian Oscar Piastri, the reigning Formula 2 champion who will take his position alongside Norris in 2023, that, he has no hard feelings about how tides had turned against him this year.

On top of that, latest remarks from Ricciardo followed a long-running legal tussle between Alpine as well as McLaren over a contract dispute regarding Piastri, as Alpine claimed that the 22-year-old still has one and a half years left at his contract and McLaren refuted the claim saying Piastri had signed off a new contract with them.

Nonetheless, FIA’s contract regulation board had finally ruled in favours of McLaren F1 Team.

Ricciardo says “no hard feelings on Piastri”

Nonetheless, the Aussie had found him repeatedly among rookies this season, while his teammate Norris stood at sixth in driver’s championship title race, raising questions on whether Norris would have to collect all the bounties.

Speaking with a press agency following last weekend’s Dutch GP, Ricciardo said, “I've spoken to Oscar and just made sure that there's no bad feelings there. I understand how this works. He's trying to make it, he's trying to get into Formula One.

This moment should be really big for him. I don't want to make it a bad situation for him, and that's that. It's nothing personal. So that's all the conversation was. I truly do wish him well. I want him to have a good run in Formula One.

Obviously he's a lot younger than me, so I don't know maybe how he feels, if he's nervous to reach out and see how I'm doing. Also I wanted to make sure that it was clear that I understand his position and absolutely no hard feelings.

So yeah, that was good. I think it made him feel better, and I think the last thing he wanted was to have some weird tension between a few of the only Australians that have ever been in this sport, so I'm glad that we've done that” However, if truth is to be spoken, many famed F1 racers have been struggling to perform this year with new Formula One cars that were built according to FIA regulation, while it appears McLaren might be too harsh on the Aussie as Webber, another Australian and Piastri’s manager, was reportedly linked to the contract termination of Ricciardo.