Mattia Binotto apologized to Yuki Tsunoda: It was a mistake by using that word


Mattia Binotto apologized to Yuki Tsunoda: It was a mistake by using that word

Ferrari Formula 1 team principal Mattia Binotto apologized to Yuki Tsunoda and all Japanese people who were offended by his statement. Binotto called Tsunoda a 'tsunami', given his aggressiveness during races and the incidents in which he often finds himself.

"Certainly, I need to apologise," he said for "It was a mistake by using that word. I had no intention to do anything wrong and I'm very close to the victims, which honestly I realised. Binotto emphasized that it was only a joke.

He has a great opinion of the young Japanese. "I think that Tsunoda is a fantastic driver, he is a great man. And we've got a good relationship between the two [of us]. We simply called him in a way that was a simple joke, but it was a bad joke."

Franz Tost explains the situation

Some believe that Tsunoda deliberately stopped in the Netherlands to help Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Franz Tost explained what happened. "Yuki came in on lap 43 for a second stop," he said. "We put on the hard tyres and, when he left the pits, he immediately said [he felt] the tyre came loose. The engineer reacted correctly, telling him to stop the car.

We checked the data and we detected that all the tyres were tightened: there was no problem. Therefore, we said to Yuki, please come back because we want to change the tyres once more. He stopped and the tyres were dirty in the sand and the temperature from the tyres came down.

So he came in, we changed the tyres and when he went out once more. We saw it on the data that the rear differential was broken. This was also what Yuki felt already with the first pitstop. But it went step by step, the pressure from the differential came down step by step. Therefore, it was difficult to detect it immediately after the first pitstop. And the problem was quite simple."

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