Mattia Binotto says safety car finish at Monza was “simply wrong”

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Mattia Binotto says safety car finish at Monza was “simply wrong”
Mattia Binotto says safety car finish at Monza was “simply wrong”

Following what has been an utterly messy Italian GP with poor referring yielding a flurry of criticisms, Ferrari F1 team boss Binotto had said that the FIA’s handling of Italian GP’s final laps was entirely wrong.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Binotto came forth as Sunday’s Monza GP had finished following introduction of a late safety car on lap 48. Besides, there had been complications on moving Ricciardo’s car out of the track.

Adding further scepticism, the safety car that was introduced at lap 48, was joined the track in front of Russell instead Verstappen.

The safety car should have been deployed ahead of Verstappen. However, the cars were not released until lap 51, leaving barely enough time to recoup losses in lap times on pit stops and shattering almost every team’s’ stratagem.

Binotto says safety car finish at Italian GP was wrong

Apart from that, had the race been allowed to resume at lap 48, Leclerc might just be able to cover around a 20 seconds gap with a tyre advantage, which the Monacan had lost during a second pit stop on lap 33 when he had shifted to soft tyres from medium.

Nonetheless, Binotto didn’t blame FIA behind Ferrari’s missed opportunity, instead, speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, he blamed FIA for introducing a late safety car saying, “I think we could have finished the race differently.

Finishing the race behind the safety car is never great. It's not for us, but for F1 and the show and I think there was plenty of time for the FIA to act differently today”.

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