Hamilton fears Verstappen is almost unbeatable

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Hamilton fears Verstappen is almost unbeatable

Following what has been an outstanding show of skill and speed in Italian GP from the reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen, Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton said earlier this week that the Red Bull’s flying Dutchman is almost impossible to stop.

Aside from that, the 37-year-old also told that he might have to digest his first winless season this year.

Hamilton fears Verstappen is almost unbeatable

In point of fact, the seven-times world champion and the winner of the highest number of races in F1 season, Lewis Hamilton, won at least once in every season since 2007.

Nonetheless, in the face of an immense scale of speed that the Red Bull and Ferrari engineers are generating, it appears Hamilton is running out of time with only six races remaining. Speaking in an interview with a press agency earlier this week, Hamilton said, “We have to be realistic.

That Red Bull is almost unbeatable It's going to take some real doing to beat that car. Performance-wise we have not caught them, and we don't have upgrades coming to enable us to overtake them. So, it's going to take some fortune going our way to win.

It's not impossible, because we could have beaten them in Budapest. But Max is generally chilled at the front, so you can never tell their true pack”. Verstappen started at seventh pole in Italian GP, however, it took only four laps for the Dutchman to enter into a podium spot.

On top of that, with just six races remaining this season, Verstappen could seize a double as early as by next F1 event.