Monza safety car sends Lewis Hamilton into '21 Abu Dhabi title decider

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Monza safety car sends Lewis Hamilton into '21 Abu Dhabi title decider
Monza safety car sends Lewis Hamilton into '21 Abu Dhabi title decider (Provided by Financial World)

Amid conflicting narratives on whether a safety car finish was required at Monza GP that torn almost every team’s stratagem, seven-times world Champion Lewis Hamilton said that the safety car period at end of Italian GP had sent him into the memory lane of last year’s title decider, when an introduction of a late safety car had costed him a record eighth driver’s championship title.

Italian GP had drawn sharp criticism from several F1 officials alongside F1 analysts, as questions emerged on whether FIA required to keep the cars wrapped being safety car between lap 48 and lap 51. In the matter of the fact, following Ricciardo’s retirement at lap 48, a late safety car was wrongfully introduced in front of Mercedes’ Russel in stead Verstappen, while the cars were being kept under the safety car for four laps as there had been complication in removing Ricciardo’s car.

Had the race been allowed to resume at time, Leclerc coulde surpassed Verstappen with a tyre advantage.

Hamilton says late safety car at Monza reminds him of Abu Dhabi GP

As introduction of a late-safety car at Monza GP had yielded a flurry of criticisms with Ferrari boss Binotto questioning the requirement of a late safety car, Hamilton said in an interview that the incident had reminded him of last year’s Abu Dhabi title decider.

Speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Hamilton said, “It always brings memories back. That is the rule that it should be, right? So only one time, in the history of the sport that they haven't done the rule”.

As FIA’s treatment of Monza GP drew sharp rebuke from a raft of analysts and F1 teams, Mercedes boss Wolff said, “It's very clear. There are rules and they are written down, and from my perspective, whether I'm Abu Dhabi traumatized or not, these rules have been followed to the dot today.

There was a car out on track, there was marshals, and a crane out there. That's why they didn't let anybody overtake. And then it was not enough time to restart the race once all cars crashed out”.

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