Charles Leclerc met Juventus’ Pogba ahead of UCL match against SL Benfica

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Charles Leclerc met Juventus’ Pogba ahead of UCL match against SL Benfica

Charles Leclerc, the 24-year-old Ferrari F1 hammerhead had met Juventus’ star Paul Pogba ahead of UEFA Champions League match against SL Benfica, Leclerc tweeted on Thursday. Juventus lost the home game despite having had a lead at an early stage with Milik’s 4th minute goal.

However, Benfical’s Joao Mario had scored the equalizer just before half-time (42”) and David Neres had Seized the victory 10 minutes into the second-half. In factuality, Pogba’s journey had not been swift since his arrival from Manchester United as a free agent over this summer transfer window.

Nonetheless, Leclerc, who had been considered as a title contender in F1 driver’s championship run earlier this season alongside Red Bull’s flying Dutchman Max Verstappen, had exchanged shirts with Paul Pogba and exchanged shirts ahead of UEFA Champions League clash against SL Benfica.

Leclerc swapped shirts with Pogba before Benfica match

Besides, Leclerc also posted an image with a smiling Pogba in Twitter.

Nevertheless, it appears that the 24-year-old F1 juggernaut might just be freshening up his minds in Turin as he had to digest an unfortunate defeat in Monza GP last weekend following introduction of a late safety car that had kept all cars under the wraps between lap 48 and lap 51, evaporating chances for the Monacan to pare a 20-seconds time lapse which he had lost during a strategical pit-stop.

If truth is to be spoken, had the race been allowed to begin at lap 48, Leclerc should have seized a victory with a tyre advantage.