Leclerc hopeful despite ill-fated defeat in Monza: Ferrari must not forget progress

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Leclerc hopeful despite ill-fated defeat in Monza: Ferrari must not forget progress

Despite having been met with a cascade of caustic misfortunes this season including three DNFs following engine failures while leading the races with a palpable advantage, Leclerc stress on Thursday that Ferrari F1 team must not forget the progress what they had made since Belgian GP.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from the 24-year-old Ferrari F1 juggernaut came against the backdrop of another baleful incident at Monza GP, as the Grotesque had to digest a second place behind Verstappen following introduction of a late safety car at lap 48.

If truth is to be spoken, the Monza GP has been met with a flurry of criticisms on whether the FIA should have allowed a safety car at lap 48. Adding further holocaust, the safety car had wrapped all the racers under its wrap between lap 48 and lap 51, eventually rubbing off chances for Leclerc to pare his 20 seconds time-lapse what he had lost during a strategical pit-stop.

Leclerc hopeful on Ferrari progress

Although, Verstappen could seize the title as early as by next F1 event with six races to spare, Leclerc sounded optimistic during a recent interview with a press agency on Thursday.

Speaking in the interview with the press agency, Leclerc said, “Second is nice, but I think we cannot also forget how far we've come since Spa," Leclerc explained after bagging his first back-to-back podiums since the Saudi Arabian and Australian Grands Prix - rounds two and three of the season.

That was a disaster for us, six or seven tenths off the pace. [At Monza] we were much slower. The first stint was really positive, then we stopped under the Virtual Safety Car [for Sebastian Vettel stopping on track. It was unfortunate as the Virtual Safety Car ended in the pitlane - so we didn't really get the benefit of stopping at that moment.

Then we had to do a very long stint on Mediums. It is a good step forward, compared to Spa, but it doesn't make me any happier. This truck is not exactly for our car, I mean to say that we have expected to struggle in comparison to Red Bull. We were fairly competitive and we did a good step forward compared to Spa so this is good”.