Ricciardo’s morale breaks off as his F1 career seems to be running out of track

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Ricciardo’s morale breaks off as his F1 career seems to be running out of track

As 2022 F1 season has been coming to end and Verstappen could seize a double as early as at Marina Bay Street Circuit on October 2, F1 analysts are focusing on next season’s starters in Formula One team, however, Ricciardo, the 33-year-old Aussie who would be replaced by his fellow countryman Oscar Piastri, might be left without a driver’s seat next year.

In the matter of the fact, followed by a months-long debate on Ricciardo’s future at McLaren, finally the 33-year-old, who only seizes eight victories at his Formula One career, and McLaren had decided that Ricciardo would be leaving McLaren’s $15 million job by end-2022 after a couple of years of struggle.

Ricciardo's morale steps backwards

Nonetheless, a low-budget McLaren constructor team also had played its part behind Ricciardo’s performance, as McLaren boss had also acknowledged that Ricciardo might have performed better, had he been in another team.

On top of that, McLaren boss had vouched for Ricciardo’s F1 career, as the Aussie seemed determined a month earlier about staying F1. Nonetheless, speaking in an interview with Fox Sports, it appears that Ricciardo’s morale is devastated following his latest run of poor form.

Speaking in the interview, Ricciardo said, “I've certainly accepted, if I'm not to be on the grid next year, I'm okay with that. I've accepted that I'm not going to do everything, or my [management] team's not going to do everything, just to put me on the grid if it's not right or it doesn't make sense."

Nevertheless, with only three driver’s position still remained open in F1 for next year, Ricciardo would highly unlikely to be chosen, suggested F1 analysts while indubitably vindicating the reasons behind stepping backwards on his F1 optimism.