Mercedes boss Wolff praises de Vries: “No one could have done better”

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Mercedes boss Wolff praises de Vries: “No one could have done better”

Mercedes boss Wolff said after last weekend Monza GP that no one could have done a better job than de Vries. In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff comes over the heels of a remarkable debut of Nyck de Vries at Italian GP, where the 27-year-old Mercedes’ reserve had scored points for Williams at debut.

As Williams’ Alex Albon fell ill on Saturday, de Vries had been called in for Final Practice session on Saturday. de Vries had qualified on pole 13 and the rookie had opened at eighth due to penalties of other drivers at an utterly messy Italian GP, referring of which had drafted in sharp criticisms.

Mercedes boss Wolff praises de Vries

De Vries put up a pleasing performance at a speedy Italian GP track and finished at ninth, logging two points. Following such strong showing from his reserve who had won F2 in 2019 and Formula E in 2021, Mercedes boss Wolff said, “He's just a good young man," Wolff said after the race.

"He's not only fast, and has shown that in the junior categories, but he's also intelligent and a good team player. And that's why he deserved it today. I don't think that anyone else could have possibly done a better job in what he did.

You're in an Aston Martin, you're driving around with the rake. And then you're being drafted at the last minute in a different car. You're beating your teammate by quite a margin. You're starting eighth, and you're finishing ninth.

Niki [Lauda] would have taken his hat off as a driver." Speaking with a press agency shortly after the Italian GP, while having been asked on de Vries’ stance as a Mercedes driver, Wolff added that the 27-year-old became an official Mercedes driver after quitting Formula E a few weeks earlier.