Verstappen says “Important to enjoy current success amid Formula One winning streak”

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Verstappen says “Important to enjoy current success amid Formula One winning streak”

Max Verstappen, the 24-year-old flying Dutchman who could seize this season’s F1 driver’s championship title as early as in Singapore Grand Prix scheduled to take place on October 2, said in an interview over the weekend that it is crucial for him and the Red Bull F1 team to enjoy their current run of success in F1.

As the Dutchman has been closing in a second world championship, a critical double for the 24-year-old which would highly likely to cement the way for him to become one of the finest in Formula One history, had help from a brilliant Red Bull’s engineering team which have been generating an unfathomable scale of speed.

If truth is to be spoken, the speed Red Bull and Ferrari engineers were generating under current F1 regulations, often made many events utterly uncompetitive.

Verstappen says it is important to continue current winning streak

Verstappen has had 11 wins and 13 podiums and scored 335 points so far, 116 points ahead of Leclerc who has been at second place with 3 wins and 7 podiums.

Nonetheless, the landscape could have been different, if an ill-fated Leclerc could avert three DNFs which he had to digest while leading contentedly earlier this season. However, had Leclerc been able to win those three events where he had to digest DNFs due to engine failure while leading the grid comfortably, Leclerc would have 6 wins and 10 podium finishes.

Besides, if such a scenario could come into being, Leclerc’s competitiveness should have a greater toll on Verstappen’s confidence level which would have forced him to make mistakes. Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency over the weekend, Verstappen opens up about his latest leg of winning streak saying, “We are having an amazing year, and it's important to enjoy it as well.

I think we've had a lot of different challenges on different kinds of tracks and now the car really seems to work at every track. And yeah, we are extremely pleased”.

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