McLaren boss Brown says Verstappen wouldn’t have qualified for F1 superlicense either


McLaren boss Brown says Verstappen wouldn’t have qualified for F1 superlicense either
McLaren boss Brown says Verstappen wouldn’t have qualified for F1 superlicense either

Following a months-long duel with Alpine over Piastri, the reigning F2 champion, McLaren boss Zak Brown said over the weekend that FIA must rethink its super-license rule, while in what could be contemplated as a surprise blow to FIA’s latest guidelines, Brown added that even Red Bull’s Verstappen who could seize a double in F1 driver’s championship title as early as by Singapore GP, might not be able to qualify in F1 super-license under current regulations.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from McLaren boss Brown came forth as Colton Herta has been struggling to obtain an FIA super-license. Besides, following Alpine’s drama over Piastri contract, Red Bull was prepared to release Gasly from 2023.

However, in exchange, Red Bull were looking to get Colton Herta under their umbrella by 2023. Nonetheless, Herta still lacks eight super-license points which are required to race in Formula One, while F1 also had stated that it would not make any alteration at its rule book for the American.

Brown says even Verstappen wouldn’t get a super-license under current rules

Latest decision from FIA to remain intransigent over its super-license law drew in a deluge of sharp criticisms. Aside from that, McLaren’s Brown, who had an interest on Herta before seizing Piastri, had echoed a similar tone over the weekend.

Adding that FIA should review its super-license regulations, speaking in an interview with a press agency at Laguna Seca's IndyCar finale, Brown said, “I think the whole licensing system needs to be reviewed. I get that the rules are what the rules are and that rules shouldn’t be broken, but I question whether just because those are the rules that are in place now that those are the correct rules.

Someone of Colton’s caliber, or Pato’s caliber or half the [IndyCar] field are Formula 1 capable. If someone like Colton who’s won a lot of IndyCar races isn’t eligible for a superlicence then I think we need to review the superlicence system”

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