Fernando Alonso can take Aston Martin to next level, says team boss Mike Krack

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Fernando Alonso can take Aston Martin to next level, says team boss Mike Krack
Fernando Alonso can take Aston Martin to next level, says team boss Mike Krack

Aston Martin Chief Mike Krack unveiled in an interview on Tuesday that Fernando Alonso, the old-school cookie who has been set to join Aston Martin under a multi-year contract from 2023, has the “speed, hunger, motivation and experience” to help Aston Martin achieve a higher level.

Nonetheless, Mike Krack also had warned that Alonso’s switch might turn south if the low-budget team could not provide a faster car for the 42-year-old. Alonso will depart Renault-owned Alpine F1 team this season and replace Aston Martin’s four-time world champion Vettel, who unexpectedly had made a retirement announcement just before this season’s summer break.

Alonso could take Aston Martin to a higher level, says Krack

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with BBC, Krack said, “It will be challenging for us. Normally, drivers with this experience, they do not have this desire to win...

especially if they have won already. Fernando has this unique combination of speed, hunger, motivation and experience. For us, it makes the perfect candidate. The downside could be that if the car we deliver is just not good enough, then we know it gets difficult.

We think having someone like Fernando is really, really important to make the next step as a team”. If truth is to be spoken, Krack's remark has been unfortunately materialistic and a harsh truth, justification of which could be found in Vettel's reluctanec to achieve more.

However, Fernando Alonso, the winner of a double in F1 driver’s championship title back in the 2005 and 2006 with Renault, said later last week that he is expecting to reach a 400-races landmark by end-2024, vindicating Krack’s remark that age has little impact over the Spaniard.

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