Lewis Hamilton: "Here's what Covid-19 got me"

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Lewis Hamilton: "Here's what Covid-19 got me"

Lewis Hamilton recently talked about Covid-19 and the effects the pandemic has had on him. The 7-times F1 World Championship winner takes great care of his body, health and nutrition, and he is troubled by the global pandemic.

Vegan for years now, when it was necessary to wear a mask to protect yourself from the virus, he was among the most respectful of health standards, Hamilton experienced the virus firsthand. He told, about the virus and about health in general: "Already before I had become more and more aware of what I needed to improve, the needs of my body and the need to rest.

But during the pandemic, the fear of getting sick and having to skip races led me to greatly increase my hygiene care. From there, what was indispensable at that juncture became a habit and never before do I feel focused on health.

I understood that rather than finding a solution when you are sick, it is preferable to prevent. Consequently now I try to understand how to benefit myself, how I can be healthier. In recent seasons the recovery phase has been my main concern.

Now I try to make sure I have a full day off after a grand prix to take care of myself. Sometimes I do cryotherapy, sometimes I do the swimming pool. I do physiotherapy, or acupuncture and the Turkish bath. When I was younger I didn't do never do stretching exercises before entering the passenger compartment and exiting.

I still didn't understand how this could be useful. And in fact it has now become an essential step."

Hamilton's successes

Hamilton is considered to be one of the best drivers of all time. Together with Michael Schumacher, he is the most successful champion in the history of Formula 1, with 7 world titles won: in 2008 with McLaren and in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 with Mercedes.

He is also the driver with the most victories, podiums, pole positions and points in the history of the competition. He stands out for his very aggressive driving style, for his speed in qualifying and for his solidity in the race as well as for his dexterity in the wet, characteristics that make him a complete and very difficult driver for rivals.