Lewis Hamilton: "I'll be the thorn in Stefano Domenicali's side"

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Lewis Hamilton: "I'll be the thorn in Stefano Domenicali's side"

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton talked about his relationship with the F1 leaders The Mercedes star has become a symbol of many civil battles, such as against discrimination. The choice to use F1 for extra-sporting battles, however, also led to criticism.

The British, in an interview, talked about this issue but also about his friend Sebastian Vettel. Lewis told to RaceFans.com: "We have had some fantastic races with Seb in the past and I am very proud of him for how he approached his path, for how he opened up, for how straight he was and how he found things to has spoken and continues to do so.

I have no doubt that whatever he intends to do in the future, he will continue to do so other no. The psychological warfare you face is tough but I am grateful to have passed that stage and to be good friends. I believe we will continue to grow and be even better friends in the future."

Hamilton then added: "I will always be there, even when I stop competing maybe I will watch from afar, but I will always be a fan of this sport. And I hope Stefano Domenicali will stay here for a long time. I will always be on the other end of the phone and I'll say, Hey, why don't you do that? You're not doing enough.

I'll always be a thorn in my side, hoping I can bring out something interesting." About Mercedes he told: "I guess, as you get older, you realize that the journey is the most important part with all the people you carry with you and try to improve.

There is an opportunity to improve many people, not only in your team, but with the work we are doing, with Mission 44 there is a much bigger picture. But from a personal point of view, winning another world title continues to be a goal.

I would be so proud to be able to do it for this team. For years we have been running around with stories of retirement and that I would stop. As for me, I feel healthier than I've ever been, I feel fit and that's something I focus a lot on.

I love what I am doing and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My goal is always to be with Mercedes. I love the fact that we have managed to write the long collaboration that exists, I feel that we are undertaking a lot of positive things, not only sporting but also outside. I think there is a lot of work, a lot to do together and I want to be a part of it. "