FIA mulls another new Grand Prix in America

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FIA mulls another new Grand Prix in America

Later last week, the city mayor of Barranquilla, Colombia, said in a statement that the city has been planning to arrange a Caribbean F1 Grand Prix. On top of that, speaking in an interview with Blu Radio, the mayor of Barranquilla was quoted saying that talks of holding an F1 event in the Caribbean with FIA has been underway and a multi-year agreement that could span up to ten years could be reached.

Besides, he stated that an F1 event in the Latin America is highly likely by 2024. Nevertheless, latest remarks from the mayor of Barranquilla came against the backdrop of a growing uproar among F1 teams and drivers about an action-packed 2023 season calendar, as F1 had recently unveiled its 2023 calendar that would include 24 events.

However, a number of F1 teams alongside their drivers had been complaining about the FIA’s aggressive expansion stratagem that chiefly targeted the US, Middle East and South Africa. The US is going to host three races next year, while the first F1 GP since 1994 would be held in South Africa.

Besides, FI chief Domenicali said earlier this year that the FIA could host as many as 30 races a year, however, under current obligation, F1 teams are legally bound to attend up to 24 races a season.

A Caribbean F1 GP could be held by 2024

Meanwhile, expressing an out and out optimism over a Caribbean GP by 2024, the mayor of Barranquilla said that the circuit would be held in a semi-urban track.

Besides, speaking in the interview with Blu Radio, the Barranquilla mayor said, “Progress has been made in all the previous stages, before a final decision is made. They have already come to the city and found it very good.

The Grand Prix would be self-sufficient, that is to say that the development of the race would not cost the country and the city, but on the contrary, it would bring employment, tourism and recognition”.