Red Bull fear they will face massive challenge over power unit after '26 rule changes

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Red Bull fear they will face massive challenge over power unit after '26 rule changes

Red Bull’s technical director Pierre Wache said in an interview with F1 later this year that the Formula One team which have been generating an upscaled speed this season, have been facing off an enormous scale of challenge to engender a power unit for 2026 F1 rule changes.

Red Bull technical director Wache was quoted saying that the Red Bull Powertrains that involve engine developer Honda alongside its power unit could face troubles to challenge Mercedes’ power unit on 2026.

Red Bull frets 2026 power unit could be tough to build

In point of fact, latest remarks from Wache came against the backdrop of a mass-scale overhaul in power unit creation from 2026 in F1, as Formula One has been vying to vent out a way to promote green fuel.

Meanwhile, addressing that an addition of sustainable fuel and electric energy by 2026 would be a challenge for Red Bull engineers, Wache said, “From what I see – it is outside of my area, to be honest with you, my concentration at the moment is more on the current championship – it’s clearly a massive challenge, even more when you start from scratch like they are doing.

You put everything in place, you see the building they have put together, the number of dynos, the number of people they have now. In this area, the learning curve is very deep, but the lead-time for parts is very long. Then they have to try to catch those with more experience – like with a current engine supplier – and try to beat them.

It’s a massive challenge. I think they will manage to do it; from what I see, [with] the desire and motivation, the quality of the people we have in our team… I think it looks good”.