Alonso says Alpine are “Overachieving” in fight against McLaren

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Alonso says Alpine are “Overachieving” in fight against McLaren

Fernando Alonso, the 42-year-old F1 racer who would join Aston Martin F1 team from 2023 in a multi-year deal, said over the weekend that his current team, Alpine, might have overachieved in constructor’s championship title-race this year.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Alonso came forth as Alpine has had a palpable lead over McLaren in a long-running tussle for the fourth place. At this standpoint, the French team held a lead of eighteen points over McLaren, a critical advantage that Alonso had branded as a “a dream at the beginning of the year”.

Alonso optimistic about Alpine’s performance this season

Aside from that, Alonso, who is often contemplated as one of the greatest drivers that F1 has ever had, said while being asked over his team’s performance, “Very impressive.

I think we started a little bit worried in Bahrain and winter testing. We had some up and downs there in terms of performance. But I think from Australia or Jeddah onwards, the team has grown up a lot and the engine also is much better than last year.

We had some reliability issues, but we have more power than last year, so we accept that. We are now fighting McLaren [in] the constructors’ championship and maybe that was a little bit of a dream at the beginning of the year, so I think we are overachieving compared to what we thought.

I think we had a few races where we were not super lucky. Even in this run of points, Barcelona we started last, Austria the car did not start in the Sprint and we started last on Sunday, and we still even scored points in those races.

But we need to have clean weekends, not have any problems Saturday and Sunday, and probably those will be better weekends in terms of points”. Alonso won an F1 double back in the 2005 and 2006 with Renault.