Russell points out circuit which could give Mercedes best chances of a win in 2022

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Russell points out circuit which could give Mercedes best chances of a win in 2022

Amid a strong showing from Red Bull’s Verstappen alongside Ferrari’s Leclerc, Mercedes had botched to secure a win thus far this season, while a win in 2022 appears to be a distant dream for the F1 team, however, in a recent interview with a press agency, Mercedes driver George Russell opened up on which circuit could provide Mercedes the best chance to break their duck this season.

In the matter of the fact, latest drag in Mercedes’ F1 team came against the backdrop of a number of factors including a sharp drop of morale of the seven-time world champion Lewis Champion following last season’s unprecedented defeat at Abu Dhabi GP due to a mistake from the race referee Michael Masi, a slipup that had costed him the job and had brought in a barrage of overhauls in F1’s referring policy.

Aside from that, if a blatant truth is to be spilled over, the speed Red Bull engineers are generating, seemed inevitable and quite awkward for other teams on multiple occasions this season.

Russell points out which races could offer Mercedes a win

Meanwhile, as time is running out for the long-adored Silver Arrows to secure a victory this season with only six races remaining, Mercedes’ Russell had pointed out the circuits which could hand out Mercedes F1 team the best chances to win at least an event this season.

Mercedes had never been without a win in an F1 calendar since 2011. Speaking in an interview with a press agency, Russell said, “Singapore could be interesting, but historically it’s a circuit where Mercedes have struggled a little bit, and we know at street circuits this year we haven’t fared so well.

“I think as a team we’re making a huge amount of progress at the moment and [we’re] understanding the car more and more. Hopefully as we develop the car further, we can take some further gains”.