Alpha Romeo in no hurry to decide F1 sponsorship future, says CEO

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Alpha Romeo in no hurry to decide F1 sponsorship future, says CEO

As Sauber, the Swiss motorsports engineering company, has been set to conclude its sponsorship accord with Alpha Romeo F1 team by 2023, the F1 team’s Chief Executive Jean-Phillippe had unenveloped in an interview with a press agency on Tuesday that the team are in no rush to look for a new sponsor.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Alpha Romeo boss came forth just a month after the team had announced that Sauber sponsorship deal will be concluded by 2023. Nonetheless, Alpha Romeo’s option are limited, if it has to stay in Formula One, as the Italian team would require to reach a deal with a team that are being supplied by Ferrari engine to continue its F1 venture.

Sauber has been sponsoring the Italian F1 team since 2018.

Alpha Romeo F1 team in no rush to find a new sponsor

Nevertheless, followed by the latest move from Alpha Romeo F1 Team, which have been at sixth place in constructor’s championship title race, eighteen points ahead of Haas, multiple media outlets were quoted unnamed sources as saying that Audi is expected to enter F1 in partnership with Sauber.

Amid such landscape, speaking in an interview with a media outlet, Alpha Romeo F1 boss, Jean-Phillippe said, “I’m totally open to anything. By the way, it’s a period that gives me the opportunity to study everything with no pressure.

That’s what I have. And I would say, even if we have to take a decision before the end of this year, we have some weeks, months, to see how is the business, and as well to choose in a kind of serene atmosphere. So I’m not in a hurry.

Everything is on the table, I would say. I would love to find the best compromise between motorsport DNA, and the EV transition that you see. What I’m trying to build is this consistency between my history and the necessary existential move that I have to do. And it’s not obvious I would say, between the DNA history, and the switch”.