FIA finally approves three more sprint races for 2023

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FIA finally approves three more sprint races for 2023

The International Automobile Federation or FIA had issued a statement last week saying that six F1 GPs would have sprint races from 2023. However, latest move from FIA came against the backdrop of a remark from F1 chief Domenicali made earlier this year, while he was quoted saying that the Formula One could witness several sprints next year.

On top of that, earlier in the season, F1 teams had reached an accord to attend up to six sprints a season from 2023 at a meet that took place back in April.

Aside from that, sprint events are gathering more attentions this year, as FIA had introduced a new regulation under which eight racers would receive points in sprint events. Previously, only podium places had been subject to receiving points.

FIA approve six sprint races from 2023

Followed by the announcement from FIA, F1 Chief Domenicali said in a statement, “The sprint provides action across three days with the drivers all fighting for something right from the start on Friday through to the main event on Sunday -- adding more drama and excitement to the weekend.

The feedback from the fans, teams, promoters, and partners has been very positive and the format is adding a new dimension to Formula 1, and we all want to ensure its success in the future”. The current season had witnessed two sprint races so far in Emilia Romagna and Austrian GP, while Sao Paulo GP would arrange another sprint event.

Besides, latest move from FIA also is contemplated as a critical part of its aggressive expansion stratagem, as six sprint events would enhance competitiveness significantly while generating more revenues than what a qualifying event could have.