Ricciardo still optimistic to have a drive in F1 in 2023

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Ricciardo still optimistic to have a drive in F1 in 2023

Daniel Ricciardo, the 33-year-old McLaren driver who has been set to depart the F1 team by end-2022 following a couple of years of poor run of form, the Australian had unveiled to the reporters in a recent interview that his management has been brewing off options about a drive in F1 arena next year.

If truth is to be spoken, following the announcement of McLaren that the F1 team had reached a deal with Ricciardo to part ways by end-2022, a year earlier before his contract was set to end, it appeared that he might have to leave F1 by end-2022.

Besides, according to a number of F1 analysts, currently, three seats are available in F1 and Ricciardo would not be a suitable candidate for any of them.

Ricciardo still optimistic to have a drive in F1 in 2023

As Alpine, Haas and Williams are yet to confirm their team line-ups for 2022, it is not certain whether Ricciardo could seize an open seat. Nonetheless, speaking in the interview, expressing an out-and-out optimism over staying in F1 next year, Ricciardo said, “My team is talking to pretty much everyone and they are having conversations.

So we are just trying to put it all together and figure out what makes the most sense. So it's not that they're not interested, and while I'm not coming from a place of over confidence, we are just doing our due diligence and figuring out what's best.

Trying to see beyond next year, because for me I want be racing but also don't want to be just looking at the next 12 months and not the next 24”. Ricciardo, in tandem, added that he is also prepared for a plan B that might involve being a reserve driver.