Bottas is hungry for success, says he prefers to let his driving do the talking

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Bottas is hungry for success, says he prefers to let his driving do the talking

Valtteri Bottas, the 33-year-old Finish F1 driver often praised for his nerve in pressure situations, remains optimistic about his driving despite having a poor run of form this season. The Finnish who has had 10 wins and 67 podium finishes at his career, appears to be badly out of shape this year, as he scored only 46 points in this season so far.

Besides, he had failed to score any podium finish thus far this year. Adding further strains to his morale, the Finnish has often found himself among rookies. Bottas currently stood at tenth, thirteen points behind Alpine’s Alonso.

Bottas optimistic about a better F1 driving run this season

Irrespective of his latest run of poor form, the 33-year-old Finish seemed to be quite happy about his driving in Formula One, as he was quoted saying in an interview with a press agency that only driving matters in Formula One.

Speaking in an interview with a press agency on Thursday, Bottas said, “Other drivers have other interests and that's fine but (for me) driving is the thing that matters in the sport”. Latest remarks from Bottas came forth just a couple of days before the Singapore GP, while he seems to have little chance to secure a higher finish with only six races to spare.

While being asked whether he is a fan of Singapore F1 Grand Prix, Bottas said, “It's definitely nice to be back. When I arrived and saw the scenery of the city with the lights and the buildings, it's a cool place to be: the original F1 night race.

And then, seeing all the fans who are very excited to have us back, I'm very excited too. I'm looking forward to it. It's a tough one -- an extremely difficult track -- you feel the pain at the end of the race. I've only been on the podium once before but I look forward to it.

It's always quite an unpredictable race with safety cars and stuff. It is important (to have a race like the Singapore GP). It's always nice to have certain standard tracks on the calendar but also something different like this.

Also visually, it's a beautiful place. For the cameras, it's a dream place. So yes, it has its place on the calendar”.