Charles Leclerc: "Singapore? Ferrari We haven't won in a while"

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Charles Leclerc: "Singapore? Ferrari We haven't won in a while"
Charles Leclerc: "Singapore? Ferrari We haven't won in a while"

Charles Leclerc on Ferrari talked about the next GP on this weekend in Singapore. The Monaco driver explained: "I don't know if this will be the right track to win, we'll see, but it's true that we haven't won for a while because Red Bull has made a good step forward after the summer.

This is the weekend that could award the title to Max Verstappen? But we need to focus on Sunday's execution, that's where we need to improve and become stronger. The goal is to improve, I mean everything: strategy, tire management, putting everything together better what we learned over the weekend.

Singapore is warmest and humid. The commitment is more physical, but it takes the same attention to avoid making mistakes. I also like this track and now we will have to do our best."

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Carlos Sainz, on Ferrari, told: "In 2015 or 2016 I warned Gasly and Leclerc about the climate in Singapore and they answered why? I guess they know now.

Singapore is a great place to race. Weather can always play a role and it could There will be rain on the weekend. And then the bumps could make everything more difficult. We competitive? We think we can give Red Bull a hard time.

Here, you are ahead in the race, you have more opportunities to finish with victory, for example compared to Monza . Ranking? It is not that we are looking at Mercedes, rather we want to return to victory. We must not have a worse pace than Mercedes and fight with Red Bull.

" Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes said: "We can understand how to move and we have to get around the problems with this car. We are in a better situation than months ago and we hope we are not far from the others. It has not always been an easy track for us, not so much for a matter of mistakes.

Over the years we have understood everything better, here we hope not to jump too much, the bumps affect the car's set-up a lot. We will try to have our best weekend possible. Nice to be back here, in a splendid city . The track is epic to drive, with an adventurous lap with those 23 corners. And that lap I did in 2018 was one of the best of my career. What a unique feeling!"

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