Red Bull in the storm for suspicions on the Budget Cap!


Red Bull in the storm for suspicions on the Budget Cap!

Storm clouds are gathering on F1 team of Red Bull, due to suspicions and accusations about the Budget Cap, which could have meant the difference between wins and losses, casting the shadow of sporting offense on team du Mex Verstappen.

On September 30, the International Federation should have communicated the report on the budget cap after the first year of introduction in F1. The analysis would have identified two teams that would have breached this ceiling, Aston Martin and Red Bull.

Red Bull is trying to show that many aspects were not clear and easy to interpret, to try to file the liabilities and at least return to the least breach range. The regulation provides that if it is a minor breach, a fine is triggered, while it is not clear what happens in the case of a severe breach.

FIA has shown that they have a straight back and do not want to compromise. It is up to the Federation to keep the bar right and not accept the excuses of excessive spending to bring the Red Bull case back into a minor breach.

Verstappen and Hamilton words on Singapore GP

Max Verstappen on Red Bull has a lead of 116 points over Charles Leclerc on Ferrari, a score that allows him to try to win his second consecutive World title in Singapore, at the Marina Bay track.

The Dutch driver said: "I know I can win the World Championship here but I should be very lucky. And we must also consider that we are not the best in qualifying. The RB18 has shown great strength and solidity after the summer break, even more so.

net compared to the previous races. I don't know what our strength has been since the summer, certainly the race pace. But that's the whole package." Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes said: "We can understand how to move and we have to get around the problems with this car.

We are in a better situation than months ago and we hope we are not far from the others. It has not always been an easy track for us, not so much for a matter of mistakes. Over the years we have understood everything better, here we hope not to jump too much, the bumps affect the car's set-up a lot.

We will try to have our best weekend possible. Nice to be back here, in a splendid city . The track is epic to drive, with an adventurous lap with those 23 corners. And that lap I did in 2018 was one of the best of my career. What a unique feeling!"

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