Toto Wolff: "Budget cap? Rules must be the same for everyone"


Toto Wolff: "Budget cap? Rules must be the same for everyone"

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, spoke very harshly about the very controversial affair concerning Red Bull and the failure to return to the parameters of the Budget Cap. Wolff explained: "The financial rules must be the same for everyone.

We talk about millions of dollars, the difference between winning and losing. We have faith in the leadership and transparency of the FIA, because costs are one of the most important factors of the regulation. of this new Formula 1.

We are worried, the regulation was very clear. And it does not only concern the 2021 season, but also the current one and 2023, since the car for next season is already ready. The FIA ​​has a group of very competent accountants, so even if there were some gray areas they are small.

But if we know we can spend 5 million more without taking a big penalty then we do it. We want to see the FIA ​​leadership in action and understand the consequences. It is important for the whole championship, the financial rules must be the same for everyone as well as the others."

Red Bull and Budget Cap issue

Red Bull under suspicions and accusations about the Budget Cap, which could have meant the difference between wins and losses, casting the shadow of sporting offense on team du Mex Verstappen.

On September 30, the International Federation should have communicated the report on the budget cap after the first year of introduction in F1. The analysis would have identified two teams that would have breached this ceiling, Aston Martin and Red Bull.

Red Bull is trying to show that many aspects were not clear and easy to interpret, to try to file the liabilities and at least return to the least breach range. The regulation provides that if it is a minor breach, a fine is triggered, while it is not clear what happens in the case of a severe breach.

FIA has shown that they have a straight back and do not want to compromise. It is up to the Federation to keep the bar right and not accept the excuses of excessive spending to bring the Red Bull case back into a minor breach. In the next days they should come more update about the issue, especially form FIA.

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