Lewis Hamilton summoned for alleged breach of international sporting code

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Lewis Hamilton summoned for alleged breach of international sporting code

Lewis Hamilton has been met with a punitive measure at Singapore GP as the seven-time world champion was summoned by the race referee for a likely breach of regulation of FIA’s International Sporting Code. In point of fact, the breach was related to wearing protective clothing, helmets alongside jewellery.

After the final practice session at Singapore GP, Hamilton had been summoned by the race referee due to an alleged breach of Appendix L of Chapter III of the FIA International Sporting Code, according to which a racer must not use jewellery inside a car.

Nonetheless, images of Hamilton wearing his nose stud alongside earrings before beginning of the session was witnessed, however, it was not known whether the 37-year-old had removed them before entering into the car. A breach of the regulation would lead to a fine on first three instances, while potential penalties that may impact a competitor’s pole position, could be enforced, if a racer continues to defy the regulations.

Lewis Hamilton faces penalty at Singapore GP

In the matter of the fact, latest incident that involves Hamilton’s jewellery followed a number of remarks from the F1 legend, where he reiterated multiple times that he would not be leaving his jewelleries behind while driving.

Nonetheless, finally Hamilton had shown an excuse during a stand-off with race regulator over wearing jewelleries in Miami GP, while the winner of the highest number of F1 races that involved 103 victories and 104 podium finishes, was quoted saying that removing a nose stud would take time.

Nevertheless, if truth is to be spoken blatantly, always Formula One has had a regulation that thwarts racers from wearing jewelleries, however, the regulation has never been implemented.