Lewis Hamilton at the Singapore GP: "It burns to lose pole"

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Lewis Hamilton at the Singapore GP: "It burns to lose pole"

Lewis Hamilton will be engaged today in the Singapore GP, where he will start among the top three drivers. Despite the good performances in Singapore in free practice, Hamilton is not entirely satisfied. The British driver on Mercedes said: "We are here to fight, but winning will be difficult.

I tried my best to get pole, my rivals are always very fast but I thought that with a perfect lap I could do it. But it was really difficult to take first place. I lacked a bit of grip, but I'm really grateful for the second row.

I'm also grateful to the team, we're continuing to push. Tomorrow we hope to do even better. Progress? We didn't know how much we would be. been close to Ferrari and Red Bull. We knew we were going to do better than Monza. Losing pole for so little burns, but that's okay because we'll fight tomorrow.

I'm grateful we got close to pole, I felt maybe I could take the first one row or pole. We are here to fight again on Sunday, even if winning will be tough. Strategy and tires will be decisive tomorrow."

Hamilton on the search of 8th title

"The eighth world championship is not an obsession, but it certainly is at the center of my thoughts.

It is at the top of the pyramid and the work done at the base this year is aimed at getting up there. same pilot that I was last year, just a little further along the path of life. I have bigger intentions, I plan more things, like the trip to Africa.

I live with gratitude and a proactive spirit everything I do, as well as the time I pass with some people. Obviously it is nice to win continuously, but I am still grateful for this moment in my life. In February we had load and we had to remove it, because there was so much bouncing.

It was a shock how long it was. wanted to correct the shot, but we are problem solvers, we like to find solutions, we had to put our resilience on the line. I want to perform better and win other races, learning and growing constantly."