McLaren gamble to play safe secures season-best fifth for Ricciardo at Singapore GP


McLaren gamble to play safe secures season-best fifth for Ricciardo at Singapore GP

McLaren driver Ricciardo said following an enthralling Singapore GP that he had to fend off the wish to become a “hero” during the event, which in effect had helped him seize a fifth place, his best result of the season.

In the matter of the fact, teams had to struggle to set-up their racing stratagem in a wet San Marina Bay at least until lap 16. However, as the tracks had started to dry up following monsoonal downpour during the build-up, teams began to switch to soft tyres from intermediate after lap 36.

Ricciardo began at sixteenth and struggled to gain grounds earlier in the race, as teams were battling to stay on race line in a wet San Marin Bay track as beforementioned. However, situation had improved for the 33-year-old Australian who would be departing McLaren by year-end, on lap 35, as many teams switch to soft tyres, Ricciardo and Lando Norris stay on intermediate.

Ricciardo finishes at fifth

Nevertheless, the gamble to play safe and to “keep going” seemed to have paid off as Ricciardo topped Tsunoda when the Japanese met with a DNF after hitting the run-off barriers at turn 7.

Besides, Ricciardo took fifth position during a failed Verstappen attempt to overtake Norris. Meanwhile, addressing to a wet San Marin Bay track, Ricciardo said, “But we had the conversations and I said 'as much as I want to be a hero, it didn't feel right'

We thought, let's just keep going. In my mind I thought the track is very slippery, especially on a slick, so the chance of someone going off is high. So all we need is a safety car to pit and we gain a lot of positions. It was an ideal scenario for us”.

The result may have come at a better time for the Aussie, as he is yet to secure a F1 driving seat for 2023 and said last week that he would be happy to settle down as an F1 reserve driver.