Verstappen’s radio outburst in Singapore GP after aborting qualifying


Verstappen’s radio outburst in Singapore GP after aborting qualifying
Verstappen’s radio outburst in Singapore GP after aborting qualifying

The reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen who had a poor run at a wet San Marina circuit track in Singapore GP on Sunday, blasted his team on radio after the Red Bull F1 team had asked him to abort Saturday’s Q3 and he had to settle at pole eight, which in effect has indubitably taken a greater toll at his result on a highly clogged Singapore GP track.

After aborting Saturday’s Q3, Verstappen had to open at eighth on Sunday’s event as beforementioned, while he failed to gear up at a congested Singapore GP track. Adding further holocaust, drivers were found to be struggling to stay on racing line in a slippery San Marina track following a heavy Monsoonal downpour before the race.

Verstappen somehow had finished at seventh and scored two points. Had he been given the chance to complete his qualifying on Saturday, Sunday’s Singapore GP landscape could have been entirely different. However, during Q3, Verstappen has not been experiencing a smoother run with softer tyre after storming past the tracks in Q1 and Q2, while Leclerc had had an astounding lap at Q3 and finished at pole position.

Besides, Red Bull’s Perez had secured a p2, while the seven-time world champion Hamilton had finished at third place, just 0.005 seconds behind Ferrari’s Leclerc. Nonetheless, the 37-year-old had notched his first top-row opening this season.

Verstappen outrage on radio after aborting Q3

Nevertheless, although, Verstappen, the 25-year-old flying Dutchman, has been gearing up with soft tyres at Q3, he does not seem comfortable, while eventually he has been asked to abort at turn 5, which happens to be the toughest in Singapore GP track, could have damaged his car, had he tried to go for a flying lap, suggested analysts.

Nonetheless, followed by the team’s order to abort Q3, the Dutch birthday boy had screamed at radio, “Why? Why? What the...what are you guys saying? Unbelievable, mate. I don't get it. What this about?” Shortly after that, Red Bull race engineer at Singapore GP had replied in radio that the team would explain the fact privately.

However, an unsatisfied Verstappen expressed his frustration while speaking in an interview with Sky Sports. Speaking in the interview, Verstappen said, “On the final lap they told me to box and then I realised what was going to happen and we ran out of fuel.

That's just incredibly frustrating and shouldn't happen. We should have seen that way earlier. I'm not happy at all at the moment. I know of course it's always a team effort and I can make mistakes and the team can make mistakes but it's never acceptable. Of course, you learn from it but this is really bad, to be honest. It shouldn't happen”.

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