A frustrated Verstappen takes zero enjoyment from Singapore GP

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A frustrated Verstappen takes zero enjoyment from Singapore GP

Following what could be viewed as an acrimonious Singapore GP in a wet Sunday San Marina Bay for the reigning F1 champion Max Verstappen, the 25-year-old flying Dutchman unveiled in an interview that he had had “zero” enjoyment from the event as he could not find an open window to push forward in a narrow and slippery Singapore GP track.

Verstappen started the event at eighth and finished at seventh with two points, however, still the Dutchman has had a 104-point lead over Leclerc with five races to spare. Nonetheless, Verstappen’s latest remark came forth just a day after he had expressed deep discontent over Red Bull, as he had been asked to abort the third qualifier on Saturday.

However, Red Bull’s technical director had told him to cool down while he had been blasted the team in radio. Eventually, the 25-year-old who might take home an F1 double in Japan, had to begin the race at eighth.

Had he been allowed to complete the qualifying, Sunday’s event landscape could have been entirely different. However, instead, Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate Perez won the Singapore GP after securing a p2 on Saturday’s qualifying.

Verstappen takes zero enjoyment from Singapore GP

As Verstappen had to fight for the seventh place against F1 legend Lewis Hamilton alongside old-cookies like of Vettel, he had branded Sunday’s race as a balefully bitter run.

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Verstappen said, “This is not what I enjoy. I tried to go for a move on Lando but somehow I completely bottomed out as soon as I hit the brakes so the front wheels went in the air and I must have really locked up because I had massive flatspots.

So I had to pit again and put new tyres on…I got back in the points, but it is of course not what we wanted and after yesterday [in qualifying] we cannot ask for miracles…That is normally not the problem, I think we are still 104 in the lead, but it is just a very frustrating weekend…I can of course say it doesn't matter, we have five races left and we have a big lead, but I want to have a good weekend every single time and we had a really terrible weekend.

It started, of course, yesterday with the big f--- up in qualifying...Verstappen revealed he was so frustrated after qualifying that he left the circuit early and skipped part of his debrief with the team…I wasn't in the mood to talk," he explained.

"It's not about making a statement, it is just how I feel. It wouldn't have been much use to talk”