Red Bull boss Horner says Singapore victory was Perez’s best drive yet


Red Bull boss Horner says Singapore victory was Perez’s best drive yet
Red Bull boss Horner says Singapore victory was Perez’s best drive yet

Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner unfurled on Sunday that Perez’s victory at a wet and slippery San Marina Bay in Singapore, has been “World Class” and his career-best drive in Formula One. In the matter of the fact, latest remark from Red Bull boss Horner came forth shortly after the 32-year-old Mexican had taken his third F1 victory at home despite having been hit with a penalty of 5 seconds.

At least up to lap 36, almost all teams were having troubles to set their stratagem in a slippery Singapore GP track following a Monsoonal rain before the race. However, after lap 36, almost all teams but Ricciardo and Norris had shifted to soft tyres and Perez, who began the race at P2, continued to dominate.

He has been hit with a five-seconds penalty due to introduction of safety cars as beforementioned, however, Perez was spared for his first mistake as he had told to race referee that he could not control his car due to slippery conditions.

Nonetheless, the race referee did not spare him during his second mistake. However, despite the setbacks, Perez finished 7.5 seconds ahead of Leclerc, which in effect turned his victory by 2.5 seconds due to the penalty.

Horner says Perez’s driving was world class and career-best in Singapore

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with Sky Sports, Horner was quoted saying, “That is without a shadow of a doubt the best drive of his career”.

On top of that, expressing an out and out optimism over Perez’s excellence in driving at a slippery and narrow Singapore GP track which might be losing its lustre as suggested by many F1 analysts, Horner said, “Tricky conditions, he'd nailed the start, converted the start, settled himself into the race, he looked after those intermediate tyres, safety cars coming and going, re-starts, and he just was always in control, super-cool.

That's world class, that is right up there. That's for sure his best victory, I think it even surpasses his Monaco victory and under massive pressure he's gone out and delivered. Just super, super proud of him. He's done a wonderful job."

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