Red Bull’s Horner defiant on F1 team’s compliance with budget cap

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Red Bull’s Horner defiant on F1 team’s compliance with budget cap

Amid growing speculation on whether Red Bull F1 team had exceeded their budget cap last season, Red Bull boss Christian Horner unveiled in an interview over the weekend that he is confident that his team did not breach any F1 regulation.

Besides, latest remarks from Horner came against the backdrop of a barrage of disturbing remarks from the Red Bull rivals before Singapore GP, while the Red Bull boss had countered that his team had always been acquiescent with F1 budget cap.

In the matter of the fact, F1 had settled a budget cap of $145 million for each team last year in a bid to enhance competitiveness, while the amount was curbed out further this season to a $140 million.

Horner remains defiant that Red Bull did breach F1 budget cap

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency ahead of Singapore GP, Horner said he is absolutely confidence that his team did not break any regulation.

Besides, the Red Bull boss added, “I'm absolutely confident in our submission. It's been through a process. It went in in March, in terms of [being] signed off fully by our auditors who are obviously one of the big three.

And we believe that we are comfortably within the cap. So the FIA are following their process. We expect hopefully, and potentially this week, to hear not just us, but all of the teams, the outcome of that process." Mercedes boss Wolff said following the reveal of the media topline that the issue could be “very serious” for F1, if Aston Martin and Red Bull had breached their budget cap last year.

FIA is set to release its estimated budget expenses of F1 teams next week.