Daniel Ricciardo says it’s unlikely he will be in F1 next year

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Daniel Ricciardo says it’s unlikely he will be in F1 next year

Ahead of the Suzuki GP, McLaren F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo who would be departing the team by year-end following an accord that would deter him from receiving a $15-million a year pay-check, said in an interview that he is no longer expecting a Formula One position next year.

Still, the F1 racer would receive a £8.5 million next year as part of a contract termination fee. In the matter of the fact, latest downbeat remarks from the 33-year-old Aussie came forth as Gasly had signed off a multi-year contract with Alpine which would begin from 2023, eventually rubbing out a feasibly option for the Aussie.

However, several industry analysts were quoted saying shortly after McLaren and Ricciardo had decided to part ways that Ricciardo would unlikely to find a new F1 team next year.

Ricciardo says an F1 run next year is unlikely

On top of that, Ricciardo said last week that his management team has been in talks with a number of Formula One teams, while it appeared that he could have replaced Alpine’s Fernando Alonso.

However, as Alpine had filed up its position, Ricciardo admitted over the weekend that an F1 driver’s seat in 2023 is highly unlikely for him adding, “Yeah, to be honest, the Gasly news I was aware of, I knew they were talking for a while and I knew though they were very interested in Pierre.

Let's say I was prepared for that and no surprise so we were trying to, let's say navigate, our way around that and figure out what was next. But I think the reality is now I won't be on the grid in 2023, I think it's now just trying to set up for 2024.

I think that there could be some better opportunities then so that's really what all this confirms and now where the sights are set." Still, Haas and Williams are yet to announce their team line-ups for 2023, though, a position for Ricciardo in Haas or Williams seems to be highly obscure, suggested F1 analysts.