Pierre Gasly on crane incident: “I was two metres away from death”

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Pierre Gasly on crane incident: “I was two metres away from death”

Following an eventful and utterly chaotic Suzuki GP which had handed out Verstappen his first F1 double alongside a 32nd career victory, Pierre Gasly said in an interview that he had been just two metres away from death on Saturday’s qualifying.

In the matter of the fact, latest remarks from Pierre Gasly came against the backdrop of what could have been a deadly crash for the AlphaTauri racer, as he was driving at a 200km/h under red flag. As Carlos Sainz had wrecked his car at turn 12, a crane was deployed to recover the car under a safety car condition, while Gasly came close to a crane at a rainy qualifying on Saturday.

Gasly says he was two metres away from passing away

Followed by the incident, Gasly was called by the race referee, while the AlphaTauri F1 racer had explained that he just saw the crane at the last minutes due to low visibility.

As Gasly came within two metres of a collision, reminding the memories of a 2014 crane crash at Suzuki GP that had caused a deadly head injury to Jules Bianchi. Bianchi died a year after the crash. Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Gasly said, “I tried to slow down, not in an erratic manner, because if I slammed the brake, I would have lost the car and ended up in the crane.

I was two metres away from passing away today, which is not acceptable as a racing driver." FIA immediately launches an investigation over the issue on Sunday. In tandem, addressing to Jules’ death that had followed a crane crash in Japanese GP eight years earlier, Gasly said, “We lost Jules eight years ago in similar conditions, with a crane on track in the gravel.

I don't understand how eight years later, in similar conditions, we can see a crane. Not even in the gravel, on the racing line. It is not respectful to Jules, his family or his loved ones, or all of us. It was a dramatic incident.

On that day we learned that we don't want to see tractors in these conditions”. ”